Banner Saga

So I've been playing Banner Saga for a few days.
I found the gameplay to be rather boring and underwhelming but as a winter person I kept playing just for the winter/snow scenes.
Brilliant art, good writing, great scenes etc.

One of my favorite things for me was the caravan scenes,


Hexagons in Unity - Part 2

OK I decided to write a small post about that part where we create the vertices, UV coordinates etc in the previous post.
I'll try to make it clear for the people who're new in 3D stuff.

So yeah, we created a hexagon in our previous post, by creating every vertex and triangle by hand, instead of using a pre-build 3D model. For the simplicity, I'll do a basic version of our hex this time and create only the top face of the hexagon. If you remember the previous post, it had a height, sides and a bottom etc.

Anyway, first have a look at this;



Soooo it has been a while eh?

I know I know, I really should start posting again. It's not that I'm not doing but I'm terribly busy and doing some oh-not-so-cool stuff these days. ie. master course homeworks -_-

Yeah, boring days, development wise.

Anyway, I had little free time yesterday and decided to check out Unity3D. I actually was looking for a chance to check it out for... a few years now? Finally yesterday was the day!


Shadow Casting

I did this a few weeks ago actually but didn't have time to write a post about it.

Well I was planing to write a longer post about it but considering it's not that fast ( not as fast as it should be ) and buggy ( got some corner cases ), I decided to skip the post thingy and just put it here as is ( mainly because I have no intention to fix&improve it further )

Oh and again, it is inspired by Amit and his Shadow Casting post.

And here it is;

( You might need to refresh the page right away ) [More]

Tangent Bug

Yet another bug algorithm. Pretty much same as others I posted earlier this week ( bug 0,1 and 2 ) but this one has a ranged sensor so it can detect obstacles from a distance and act properly.

Well at least it's supposed to, my implementation is horribly broken at the moment, hope my professor won't see this haha. Oh yea this was our first homework on "Robot Motion Planning and Control" class. It was a great homework as well but I was ( still am ) total newbie to javascript, html5, continues space calculations and bug algorithms of course, I my progress was terribly slow, had to rewrite lots of things again and again.