OpenStreetMap in Unity3D

This time I have something a little bit different; OpenStreetMap in Unity3D!

If you don't know what OpenStreetMap is (well I didn't until last week); it's a crowd sourced map api created and supported by what seems to be a quite big community. So you can think of it as an open source (and free) Google/Bing Maps. And it gets even better, there are many other smaller projects/services built upon OSM data, specializing in certain fields like metropol maps, metro maps etc. All these data under ODb License. How awesome is that?

So that is pretty much how I found about Mapzen and their Vector Tile Service, which by their own description "provides a free & open vector tile service for OpenStreetMap base layer data, with worldwide coverage updated daily, available in GeoJSON, TopoJSON, and binary data formats".

I won't go into detail about their service, format and everything but you can read all about it in their wiki page. What I'll do though, is a walkthrough of parsing and visualizing their data in Unity3D so when we're done, it'll look something like this;


Random Planet Generator

So me and my collague found this brilliant blog post; Procedural Planet Generation by Andy Gainey a few days ago. Even though it looks beautiful and stuff, it's written in javascript which isn't a popular development platform here, so we decided to convert it to C# & Unity3D.

We've only done the icosahedron subdivision part for now, but still working on the rest actively.


Banner Saga Caravan Movement

So I've been playing Banner Saga for a few days.
I found the gameplay to be rather boring and underwhelming but as a winter person I kept playing just for the winter/snow scenes.
Brilliant art, good writing, great scenes etc.

One of my favorite things for me was the caravan scenes,


Hexagons in Unity - Part 2

OK I decided to write a small post about that part where we create the vertices, UV coordinates etc in the previous post.
I'll try to make it clear for the people who're new in 3D stuff.

So yeah, we created a hexagon in our previous post, by creating every vertex and triangle by hand, instead of using a pre-build 3D model. For the simplicity, I'll do a basic version of our hex this time and create only the top face of the hexagon. If you remember the previous post, it had a height, sides and a bottom etc.

Anyway, first have a look at this;