Oldies - Pirates

It was a project based on my random island generator thing. It's just something like a tech demo, generating multiple islands at once etc. Nothing fancy but it was a good start I say.

I still keep dreaming about that pirates game actually, I still believe it would be glorious and damn successful. I won't go into that, not talking about my precious billion dollar ideas here for sure HARRR!

It looks something like this;


Oldies - The Corridors

I didn't even named this one. Solution files are saved as "Maze" though, probably because I used a maze generation algorithm to create the level. ( I believe it was depth first search )

Anyway, this was a nice one actually. I really had hopes that I would finish this. I have something for 3rd person action games I guess, I believe they would be extremely fun and really underrated at the moment. Anyway, no way I'm finishing this one so here it is.


Map Generator source code is available now!

So I just noticed I haven’t even opened the map generator project for a looong time so decided to open-source it instead of just letting it rot on my hdd. I mean why not, right?

-Where is it?

If you ever work on it, please do fork it on bitbucket or somehow let me know about what you’re doing & your process. I just would love to know.

-Are you actively working on Map Generator?

Nope not really. I believe I haven’t done anything for months now. I just lost interest I guess, it happens. I never finish whatever I do.

-Well I don’t get this part of the code, can you help me?

Of course, I would love to do whatever I can. Just mail me and ask whatever you have on your mind.


Coordinate Calculations in Hexagonal World 2

OK so I talked about hexagon coordinate system in my previous post but actually there are more than just one way to do it. The one I used in my previous post ( let’s call it standard ) is probably the most straight forward and simplest way to do it. It’s also pretty much my favorite because of that but still there is one other way I would like to talk about, radial hexagon coordination structure.

I really don’t know if this system has an official name but I’ll refer to it as radial structure from now on. Unlike the system we used before ( which uses a standard coordinate system with 2 axis) , radial coordinate system uses 3 axis for 2 dimensional mapping.

Sounds weird right? OK this picture will probably help a lot ;



Coordinate Calculations in Hexagonal World

Hey again!

This time I’ll talk about something different, coordinates in hexagon based maps!

First of all let me tell you this , hexagons are much more cooler than square tiles can ever be, period. And I won’t even go into stuff like diagonal movement problem on square tiles and stuff like that. It’s just that square tiles used way too much while it feels like hexagons are under used and under appreciated.

But hexagons comes with a price, small but still there it is. It just a bit harder to calculate coordinates on a hexagon based maps. You know how easy it is to calculate pixel/tile coordinates on square based maps? You just divide/multiply everything by square edge size? Well it’s just a bit more complex on hexagonal maps as you can guess but still all it takes is a few helper functions and then you’re set.