Banner Saga

So I've been playing Banner Saga for a few days.
I found the gameplay to be rather boring and underwhelming but as a winter person I kept playing just for the winter/snow scenes.
Brilliant art, good writing, great scenes etc.

One of my favorite things for me was the caravan scenes,


Voronoi in Unity

Hey there!

Well I'll keep this one short. I just got bored last week and decided to play with unity a bit.

I had the idea of converting my map generator stuff into Unity for a long time now but never had chance/time to do so.

And yea started with Voronoi stuff. Turns out that my old code is a horrible nightmare so rewritten most of the stuff, fixed some serious bugs etc etc.


Hexagons in Unity - Part 2

OK I decided to write a small post about that part where we create the vertices, UV coordinates etc in the previous post.
I'll try to make it clear for the people who're new in 3D stuff.

So yeah, we created a hexagon in our previous post, by creating every vertex and triangle by hand, instead of using a pre-build 3D model. For the simplicity, I'll do a basic version of our hex this time and create only the top face of the hexagon. If you remember the previous post, it had a height, sides and a bottom etc.

Anyway, first have a look at this;


Hexagons in Unity

OK so it has been ages since I last posted something useful here, I'm a bit rusty and my aged post editor is torturing me, but I'll do my best.

Let's talk a little bit more about Unity and Hexagons.
Why? Well pretty much because both are the coolest things in their fields.

Unity is just stupefyingly easy and fun. Likewise for hexagons, they are incredibly sexy as well. So yeah, Unity & Hexagons.

I'll assume that you'll know the basics here, like creating a script etc. Oh and that being said, I'm a rather newbie in Unity as well so my way of doing things may be wrong or (most likely) not optimal. I work in XNA-ish way a lot and pretty much refuse to learn Unity practices etc. I may be so totally wrong on doing that but yea, that's how it is for now.